Completion method

Specifies how the input device determines that file transmission is complete for an input file. You can change this value for Hot folder input devices, but not for Download input devices or for LPD input devices.


The input device uses no defined method to determine file completion. Transmission is complete as soon as the input device detects the input file. For Download input devices, None is the only valid value.
The input device polls the size of the input file, and determines that transmission is complete when no more file-size changes occur between two polls. The Polling interval (unit) property controls the amount of time between polls. For Hot folder input devices, Size is the default value.
File open
The input device determines that transmission is complete when it can open the input file for a write operation.
The input device determines that transmission is complete when it receives the trigger file for the input file. The Trigger patterns property controls how the input device recognizes a trigger file. A trigger file must have the same name as the input file, with a different extension. For LPD input devices, Trigger is the only valid value.

If you select Trigger, the value of the Batching method property is not used.

Database name

Usage note: An overrides file can also be used as a trigger file by specifying the same pattern value for both the Trigger patterns and Overrides patterns properties. In this case, the file is first used as a trigger to indicate that the job has been received and then as an overrides file to update property values.