JDF patterns

Specifies one or more pattern-matching strings that Ricoh ProcessDirector uses to identify Job Definition Format (JDF) job tickets. Ricoh ProcessDirector processes the JDF print files as a group. The value uses regular expression syntax and characters in the value are case-sensitive. For example, .*\.JDF$ represents patterns that are different from .*\.jdf$. Separate multiple patterns by commas; do not type a space between them.

The suggested value for Hot folder input devices is .*\.jdf$, where:

  • Period (.) matches a single occurrence of any character.
  • Asterisk (*) matches zero or more occurrences of the preceding character, up to the maximum file name length.
  • Backslash (\) is the escape character that means the next characters are interpreted literally.
  • .jdf are the actual characters that must match.
  • Dollar sign ($) means that a match of jdf signifies the END of the expression.
Database name

Usage notes:

  • Set the Workflow property for the input device to ParentNoPrint. Set the Child workflow property to a workflow that is appropriate for the types of files that the JDF file specifies.
  • Set the Batching method property for the input device to JDF or Pattern.
  • If the Completion method property for the input device is Trigger, Ricoh ProcessDirector checks for trigger files first. It then checks for other pattern types in this order: JDF patterns, overrides patterns, list patterns, data patterns.