Connection status

Specifies the current status of the input device.


The input device can receive data from an outside source, such as a hot folder or a system that uses the LPD protocol to transmit files.
The input device cannot receive data from outside sources. The cause of the disconnected status might not indicate a problem with the input device. For Hot folder input devices, you can still place input files in the directory that the Folder location property specifies. Note, however, that Ricoh ProcessDirector ignores the files until the input device is connected. Also, if you send input files with the same name while the input device is disconnected, each new occurrence of the input file overwrites any existing file with the same name. Disconnected is the default status for a newly created input device.
Unable to connect
The server for the input device did not respond when a connection attempt was made; or the port is already in use by another input device. For an LPD input device, the appropriate LPD daemon is not started. Ricoh ProcessDirector connects the input device when its server, port, or LPD daemon is available.

To change the value of this property, use the Disconnect and Connect actions of the Ricoh ProcessDirector interface.

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