File pattern

Specifies one or more file pattern-matching strings. Ricoh ProcessDirector uses these strings to identify the input files that this Hot folder should accept for processing as single jobs. The value uses regular expression syntax and characters in the value are case-sensitive. For example, .*PRD$,.*PDF$ represent patterns that are different from .*prd$,.*pdf$ . Separate multiple patterns by commas; do not type a space between them.

If you enter more than one value, they are logically ORed together; if a file matches any specified file type, it is considered a matching pattern. For example, if the File pattern field contains .*oth$,.*ejt$ with a usage of Print and a type of .txt , the system uses a file with either an .oth file type or an .ejt file type to create the print file named <job_number>.Print.txt.

For the string .*oth$ :

  • Period ( . ) matches a single occurrence of any character.
  • Asterisk ( * ) matches zero or more occurrences of the preceding expression.
  • oth are the actual characters that must match.
  • Dollar sign ( $ ) signifies that a match of oth signifies the END of the expression.

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