Job copies stacked

If the job is printing on an AFP or Ricoh PDF printer, this property specifies the current number of job copies that have completed printing, and that have reached the output stacker. Whenever the printer reports that another copy in a multi-copy job has printed and stacked, the value is updated.

If the job is printing on a Passthrough printer, this property is set to the value of the Job copies requested property after a valid return code is reported for the printer command. If the job is printing on a PCLOut printer, this value is equal to the number of copies converted to PCL. Otherwise no value is set for this property.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • Ricoh ProcessDirector stops updating the value of this property if it receives a stop request for a job that is printing on an AFP printer that specifies that the rest of the job be discarded. If the job is discarded before the current copy completes, the job-copies-stacked count includes a partial copy.
  • The value of this property is reset to 0 when a Process again or a Print again request is made for the job. If the job is sent to an AFP or Ricoh PDF printer, any copies that were printed previously are excluded from this value. If the job is sent to a Passthrough printer, the value is reset to the value in the Job copies requested property, regardless of the number of copies that have printed.