Source file for attachment

Specifies the full path or symbolic name of the PDF file you want to extract documents from. The documents are attached to each email sent by the EmailDocuments step. You can also select a step resource object as the value for the property instead of providing a path and filename. Using a step resource lets you change the specific file without editing all of the workflows that contain the step that uses the file.

To attach a document from the current PDF file in the job's spool directory, specify: ${getFileName(print,pdf,read)}.

To attach a document from a different version of the PDF file in the job's spool directory, with the name jobID.original.pdf for example, specify: ${getFileName(original,pdf,read)}


Up to 255 characters (bytes)

Database name

Usage notes:

  • To attach a file to the email, you must set the Attach document property to Yes.
  • You can only attach PDF files to emails.
  • Source file for attachment is a positional job property. For information about using positional job properties, refer to the Information Center.