Page range to send

Shows a numeric string that describes which pages in the current job are extracted, made into a separate file, and attached to the email.

The value can include individual pages and page ranges. Separate pages and page ranges with commas; use a dash to separate the first and last pages in a page range. For example: 1,170,300-350,418.

The letter n can be used to represent the last page in the job. A value of 400-n selects pages 400 through the last page of the job. A value of n selects only the last page of the job.

To create more than one partial file from the same original file, enter a semi-colon (;) between the page range for the one attachment and the page range for the next.

For example: 1-3,5,8-9;1-20 creates two attachments with different pages in each.


Up to 32700 characters (bytes)
Database name

Usage notes:

  • If you choose a page range, include a step based on the EnableRepositioning or CountPages step template in the workflow before the SendEmail step. Those steps determine the value to use for n and accounts for the number of pages printed per sheet to ensure that duplex pages are printed correctly.
  • You can only select a page range from the current print job. This property does not apply to files listed in the value of the Attachments property.