Simplex sheet processing

Specifies how the step processes jobs where some sheets that were set up to print simplex now use a media that specifies an electronic form on some back sides.


Insert blank back pages (default)
The step changes the Job duplex property to Duplex and adds a blank page after each front side that does not have an electronic form on its back side. Use this value if the printer does not support Sides page exceptions in JDF job tickets.
Add Sides page exceptions to JDF
The step adds Sides page exceptions to the JDF job ticket so that the back sides are skipped for the sheets that do not have an electronic form. Some printers cannot process this type of job ticket. The Job duplex property might not be changed.

Database name

Usage note: If you select Insert blank back pages, the job is simplex, and no blank or electronic form pages are added, the Job duplex property does not change to Duplex.