Requested printer for preview print

Specifies the name of the printer that this step sends the preview print job to. The preview print job is always sent to this printer.

If the value is Not set, Ricoh ProcessDirector does not assign the job to a printer until an authorized user selects a printer from the list. You do not use the Schedule Job action to set this value.

If you see a colored star next to this field, only your favorite printers are listed. Click the colored star to see all the printers in the list.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • If a specific printer is requested, the properties of that printer determine the ready and supported values that you can select for the Media property, and the available and requested values that you can select for the Output bin property.
  • If you set the Transform RIP for printer property to Same as requested printer, make sure that the requested printer supports the halftone specified by the Transform halftone property. You can specify any combination of printer and halftone, but if the printer does not support the halftone there are errors in transform processing.