Specifies whether the job has been promoted. Promoting a job makes it the highest priority job on the system when it enters its next processing step. It progresses through all of its remaining workflow phases and steps ahead of other jobs on the system. This occurs regardless of the values of the Job priority property for the other jobs. You cannot change the value of the Promoted property directly. You promote jobs using the Promote action.


The job was promoted.
The job was not promoted.
Not set

Database name

Usage notes:

  • If you promote more than one job on the system, the job that was promoted last moves ahead of all other jobs. The Promotion time property contains the timestamp of when the job was promoted.
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector processes jobs on the system that are not members of process groups in this order:
    • Most recently promoted, as determined by the Promotion time property for the job
    • Highest priority, as determined by the Job priority property
    • Most recently submitted, as determined by the Time submitted property
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector processes jobs that are members of a process group in this order:
    • Most recently promoted
    • Highest priority
    • Job order within the process group, as determined by the Process group order property
  • You cannot set the Promoted property in a workflow.