Specifies how to punch the job. Ricoh ProcessDirector uses this value to schedule the job to a printer with a finisher that can punch.


Not set (default)
2 at left
2 at right
2 at top
2 at bottom
3 at left
3 at right
3 at top
3 at bottom
4 at left
4 at right
4 at top
4 at bottom
Multiple at left
Multiple at top
Multiple at right
Multiple at bottom

Database name

Usage notes:

  • The value set for the Punch property is ignored if the job is AFP and contains an inline form definition or medium map.
  • If the job is AFP and uses an external form definition which has values set for the Punch or Staple job property, Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the property values and ignores the values in the external form definition. If the job uses an external form definition and these values are unspecified, Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the values in the external form definition.
  • Not all printers support all punch options. For some printers, you can indicate whether a printer can punch, but not what punch patterns it can do.
  • On some printers, different options produce the same results; for example, 2 at left and Multiple at left.
  • On AFP printers, all punch options produce the same results even when the printer supports multiple options because the job submission program does not distinguish between options.