Specifies the message to include in the body of the notification email. Messages can consist of plain text, HTML, and embedded images.


Up to 32700 characters (bytes)

Database name

Usage notes:

  • You can use symbol formulas to include input device, job or printer properties based on event type in the email message. For example, use ${Job.InputFile} in this value to include the input file name in the body of the email.
  • If you use symbol formulas to include a property that has a timestamp value, the value that appears in the email is in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) format. To clarify the time format, you may want to follow the symbol formula with the text "Coordinated Universal Time" so that the email message reads: Printer ABC had an error at 2014–04–24 11:15:33.95 Coordinated Universal Time.
  • The step supports tags in the HTML 4.01 specification. Support for individual tags varies by email client and browser.
  • You can embed images stored locally by specifying a fully qualified file name. You can embed images on the Internet or a company intranet by specifying a fully qualified URL.
  • You can mix plain text and HTML.
  • Invalid HTML does not cause the step to fail. Ricoh ProcessDirector sends HTML without validating it.