Job size supported

Specifies the size of the jobs in sheets that Ricoh ProcessDirector can schedule to the printer. >5000 and <10000 are examples of valid values. In the first example, Ricoh ProcessDirector can schedule jobs that are greater than 5000 sheets to the printer. In the second example, Ricoh ProcessDirector can schedule jobs that are less than 10000 sheets to the printer.


Greater than symbol (>) or a less than symbol (<), followed by a number from 0 through 100000000.
Do not include commas in the value.
Not set
Database name

Usage notes:

  • Ricoh ProcessDirector calculates the size of a job by multiplying the value of its Job copies requested job property by the value of its Current total sheets job property.
  • PDF jobs that have been processed by the CountPages step have values set for their Job Size properties. As a result, they can use Printer job size for scheduling jobs to Passthrough or Ricoh PDF printers.
  • Jobs in other data streams (such as PostScript or PCL) do not have a value set for the Job Size property, so the Printer job size property is not recommended for scheduling those jobs to Passthrough printers.