Get tray information from printer

Specifies whether Ricoh ProcessDirector receives information from the printer about what media is loaded in trays.


Ricoh ProcessDirector does not get tray information from the printer.
Yes (default)
Ricoh ProcessDirector gets tray information from the printer.

Database name

Usage notes:

  • For all printer types, Ricoh ProcessDirector can use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to retrieve media that is loaded in the printer.
  • For Ricoh PDF printers, Ricoh ProcessDirector automatically requests the media information from the printer using Job Messaging Format (JMF). Based on the type and version of the controller on the printer, up to two media lists can be returned: catalog media and loaded media. If a loaded media list is not returned from the printer, Ricoh ProcessDirector requests the loaded media information using SNMP.