Deactivating the base product or secondary server autostart script

If you do not want the Ricoh ProcessDirector base product or secondary servers to start automatically when you restart the Linux or AIX system on which they are installed, you can deactivate the autostart script.

Ricoh ProcessDirector can be running when you deactivate the script.

To deactivate the autostart script:

  1. Log in as the root user.
  2. Access the command line.
  3. On a Linux system, remove two symbolic links from the script:
    1. Enter these commands:
      cd /etc/init.d
      ls rc*/*aiwserv
    2. Delete the files with names like rcn.d/Snnaiwserv and rcn.d/Knnaiwserv.
      n and nn are numbers that determine when the script runs. Note these numbers so that you can reactivate the autostart script.
  4. On an AIX system, enter this command: