Promoting a job ahead of other jobs on the system

Occasionally, you might need to process a job or a group of jobs ahead of all other jobs on the system. The Promote action causes Ricoh ProcessDirector to process a job first, regardless of the priority of other jobs.

The promote action occurs when the job reaches the next processing step in its workflow. It remains in effect for all the subsequent steps and phases in the workflow. If the promoted job is a member of a group, Ricoh ProcessDirector automatically promotes all other jobs in the group. Ricoh ProcessDirector uses these criteria to determine the order in which the jobs print:

  • Ricoh ProcessDirector processes jobs on the system that are not members of process groups in this order:
    • Most recently promoted, as determined by the Promotion time property for the job
    • Highest priority, as determined by the Job priority property
    • Most recently received, as determined by the Time submitted property
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector processes jobs that are members of a process group in this order:
    • Most recently promoted
    • Highest priority
    • Job order within the process group, as determined by the Process group order property

If you promote a job and then need to promote another job, Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the promote timestamp to determine which of the promoted jobs to process first. It processes the job with the most recent timestamp first, which is the last job that was promoted.

To promote a job ahead of other jobs on the system:

  1. In the Jobs table, right-click the job that you want to promote and select Promote.
  2. In the Promote job dialog, verify that you chose the correct job and click OK.
  • Promoting a job does not suspend all processing of other jobs and does not move this job through the workflow immediately. Promoting a job moves the job to the front of the queue for processing in each step through which it passes.