System Summary portlet

The System Summary portlet shows the phase and overall processing state for each job in the Ricoh ProcessDirector system.

When you click a number or phase name in the System Summary, the Jobs table changes to display information about the associated jobs. For example, you can display detailed information for jobs with errors in the Print phase by clicking the number in the Error column for the Print row. To see all the jobs in the Print phase, click the Print phase name. To see all the jobs in the system, click the All link in the bottom row of the summary.

  • Always use the tabs to navigate in the user interface because using the browser's forward and back buttons can cause unexpected results.

The System Summary portlet

The number in parentheses shows the total number of jobs in the phase. The default processing phases are: Receive, Prepare, Print, and Complete. If you have changed the phase names, the names you provided are used. If you have added Ricoh ProcessDirector features or extensions to the base product, more phases might be shown in the System Summary portlet.

The progress categories are (from left to right):

Ricoh ProcessDirector is conditioning the job for the major processing that the phase does. This can include waiting for a resource (such as another computer to run a program on) to become available.
The job has reached the major processing step or steps for the phase.
The job is waiting for an operator to do an action. Either the job has been stopped or a manual step in the phase is processing the job. A manual step requires a response from an operator to indicate that the step is complete before Ricoh ProcessDirector moves the job to the next step for further processing.
Job processing has stopped because of an error. Someone must do a corrective action before Ricoh ProcessDirector continues to process the job. You can instruct Ricoh ProcessDirector to do these actions on jobs that are in an error state:
  • Process again: Reposition the job to an earlier step and start to process the job again.
  • Override error: Ignore the error and let the job continue as if the step had successfully completed its processing. Use this action with caution because the job might skip a process that you require.
  • Delete: Delete the job from the system.

The View Log option under the Settings (Settings icon) menu at the top right of the System Summary lets you see log information for the Ricoh ProcessDirector system.