Main page

The Main page of the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface is separated into resizable areas which contain a variety of portlets, including: System Summary, Printers, Input Devices, and Jobs. This is the primary Ricoh ProcessDirector interface for operators.
  • Always use the tabs to navigate in the user interface because using the browser's forward and back buttons can cause unexpected results.

The Main page of the user interface

The illustration above shows examples of these items:

  1. Banner

    The banner is on every page of the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface.

  2. Tabs

    To view a page, click its tab in the banner. This example shows the Main page.

  3. Portlets

    Each portlet is a modular pane that displays data about your jobs and devices. This example shows the Input Devices portlet.

To open or close an area, drag a portlet into or out of that area.

To resize an area, hover on the bar between areas. When you see the double arrow cursor (Double arrow cursor), hold the left mouse button and drag the cursor.

To open and close portlets on the Main page, hover over the Main tab. A list of available portlets opens. You can select which portlets to display or hide. Portlets always open in the top left area of the page.

Use the portlets on this page to get a view of the entire shop floor.

  • To see what actions occur if you click the icons and text, hover the mouse pointer over them.
  • To do an action, select an object and click a button at the top of the portlet or right-click the object that you are interested in.