Export results file

The export results file contains values for document properties that you have chosen to export from the repository as a comma-separated value (CSV) file. The file is created by the ExportFromRepository step.

The properties to be exported are selected by a query as specified on the ExportFromRepository property notebook. The query can either be drawn from a file or from direct entry in the Search criteria property. You must choose either File or Text in the Criteria type property to specify the source of the query. The query must appear in the same format as the search criteria on the Results portlet on the Archive tab.

If more than one ExportFromRepository step is used in a workflow, the additional results overwrite the results from any previous ExportFromRepository step unless you specify different results files in the Export results file property of subsequent ExportFromRepository steps.

The export results file contains a header row followed by value rows in a comma-delimited format. The headers and the values are all enclosed in double quotes. Null value returns are indicated by a dash surrounded by double quotes (“-”). The data in the file might look like this: