Configuring Mozilla Firefox

To access the Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface from a Windows computer with the Mozilla Firefox Web browser, you must configure the browser.
Important: The instructions to configure your version of Mozilla Firefox might differ from the instructions below. If any of the instructions do not work with your version of Firefox, click HelpHelp and search the Firefox help system. For example, search for enable javascript. As an alternative, use a search engine. For example, search for Firefox enable javascript.
To configure Mozilla Firefox:
  1. In the Firefox address bar, enter: about:config.
  2. Click I accept the risk!.
  3. To verify that Javascript is enabled:
    1. Find the javascript.enabled preference.
    2. Make sure the value is set to True.
      If the value is set to False, double-click the javascript.enabled preference to change the value to True.
  4. If you want to use the Ricoh ProcessDirector right-click context menu, verify that the menu is enabled:
    1. Find the dom.event.contextmenu.enabled preference.
    2. Make sure the value is set to True.
      If the value is set to False, double-click the dom.event.contextmenu.enabled preference to change the value to True.
  5. Close the about:config tab.
  6. Click Menu ButtonOptions.
  7. To make sure that Firefox can accept cookies:
    1. Click the Privacy & Security ()tab.
    2. In History, select Use custom settings for history to tailor cookies. Ensure Accept cookies from sites is selected.
  8. To change how files are downloaded:
    1. Click the General () tab.
    2. In the Downloads area, select Always ask you where to save files.
  9. If the Language feature is installed, you can change the language that Ricoh ProcessDirector uses for the user interface text and most of the messages that it issues:
    1. In Language, click Choose and follow the instructions to add your language to the top of the list. Then click OK.
      Note: Ricoh ProcessDirector supports these languages and locales:
      • Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR)
      • English (en_US)

      • French (fr_FR)
      • German (de_DE)
      • Italian (it_IT)
      • Japanese (ja_JP)
      • Spanish (es_ES)
  10. When you install Firefox, it is configured to use a built-in PDF viewer. You can use the built-in PDF Viewer with Ricoh ProcessDirector, but some actions (such as zoom and highlighting search text) might not function properly.

    In some cases, using a different plugin provides more functionality. Depending on the version of Firefox that you are running, you might need to try different options to find one that works with the Ricoh ProcessDirector viewer.

    To set up the browser to use a different plugin for the viewer, do these steps:

    1. In Applications, go to the Content Type list, find Portable Document Format (PDF), and select it.
    2. Next to Portable Document Format (PDF), select the PDF plug-in you want to use.
    3. Try to view a job in Ricoh ProcessDirector to see if it meets your needs.
    4. Repeat this process until you find the plugin that works best for you.
  11. In general, we do not recommend logging in to Ricoh ProcessDirector as more than one user from the same workstation. If you do, each user must log in to a different browser session. To make this possible, you must create a browser profile for each additional user ID and enable Firefox to use more than one profile at a time:
    1. Close Firefox.
    2. Click StartRun.
    3. Enter this command:
      firefox.exe -ProfileManager
    4. Follow the instructions in the Profile Manager to create a new profile.
    5. In the Windows Control Panel, click SystemAdvanced system settingsEnvironment Variables.
    6. In the System Variables area, click New.
    7. In the Variable name field, type MOZ_NO_REMOTE.
    8. In the Variable value field, type 1.
    9. Click OK to close the New System Variable window.
    10. Click OK to close the Environment Variables window.
    11. Click OK to close the System Properties window.
    Whenever you start Firefox, you will be able to choose a profile that is not already in use.