Security groups that Ricoh ProcessDirector provides

Ricoh ProcessDirector provides several predefined user security groups.

These security groups are:

Administrators have access to all functions and pages of the user interface. Members of this group can change values for all properties that accept user input on all object types that Ricoh ProcessDirector provides, such as servers, workflows, step templates, input devices, printers, and users. Administrators can also add, copy, and delete all types of objects.
Supervisors can view property notebooks for most existing objects, but they cannot add or copy objects. Supervisors can change values for most job and printer properties and can enable and disable all object types. The only objects that Supervisors can delete are jobs.
Operators can view property notebooks for some objects and can change values for some job properties, such as the Requested printer. Operators can do actions on printers, such as enabling, disabling, and changing scheduling properties. They can do most of the available job and input device actions. They cannot add objects or copy existing objects. The only objects that Operators can delete are jobs.
Monitors have view-only access to the Ricoh ProcessDirector system. They can view job properties and input files, see the candidate jobs for a printer, and change their own password, but they cannot do any other actions, including viewing the contents of jobs.