Setting up step templates for external steps that use the command line or control files

Use this process to set up a step template for external steps that use the command line or a control file to pass parameters between Ricoh ProcessDirector and the external program.
  • If each job has different requirements for external programs, you do not need to set up a step template. Use the RunExternalProgram step template to add a step to a workflow and then update the External command, Valid return codes, and External program language properties for the step, as described below.
To set up a step template for an external step:
  1. Click the Workflow tab.
  2. In the Workflow Objects portlet, click the Step templates tab.
  3. Select the RunExternalProgram step template.
  4. Click Copy step templates (Copy step templates icon).
  5. Specify a name and description for the new step template.
  6. Click Job Defaults.
  7. Update the External command property.
    This is the actual command and any command-line parameters that Ricoh ProcessDirector issues to run the external program. The command string can include Ricoh ProcessDirector symbol notation.
  8. If you created a control file template for use with the external program, update the External control file template property. Set the value to the directory location and name of the control file template. If the external program only receives its parameters as command line arguments, delete any value for this property.
  9. Update the Valid return codes property.
    In this context, a valid return code is any return code from the external program that does not require a user action. Separate multiple return-code numbers with commas. For any return code from the external program that the value for this property does not include, Ricoh ProcessDirector moves the job to the error state. It also issues a message in the log for the job to alert you to a problem that the external program reported.

    For example, if the value of the valid-return-codes property is 0,4, and the external program finishes with a return code of 16, Ricoh ProcessDirector issues a message similar to this:

    AIWI6073E External step cp /aiw/aiw1/spool/default/10000016/10000016.print.unknown /archive/directory finished with a return code of 16, which is a defined as an error.

  10. If the installation has specific language requirements, you can also instruct the external program to return messages in a language that it supports. The drop-down list for the External program language property lists the languages that Ricoh ProcessDirector supports.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Select the new step template and click Enable step templates (Enable step templates icon).