Job moves to No matching media state

When a job stops and the value of the Current job state details column is No matching media, the media name or media properties in the JDF job ticket or overrides file for the job cannot be matched to an existing media object.
You can use the Correct media action on the job to select an appropriate media. The Correct media function changes all requests for the media in error with the replacement media, whether the media was requested for the entire job or for a set of pages.

To correct the media requested by a job:

  1. In the Jobs table, right-click a job that is in the No matching media state and select Correct Media.
    The Correct media window opens, displaying two columns: the list of media requested for the job that do not match any defined media objects, and a list of available media objects.
  2. Select a value from the available media list.
    • If you select Not set, that media is removed from the Media property for the job, the media for any page exceptions, and the job ticket.
  3. Click OK.