Ricoh strives to provide products with usable access for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

For more information about the commitment that we have made to accessibility, refer to the Accessibility page on the Ricoh website.

Accessibility features

Accessibility features help users who have disabilities, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, use information technology products successfully.

The major accessibility features in this product let you:

  • Use screen readers, screen magnifiers, and other assistive technologies.
  • Use a keyboard instead of a mouse.
  • Change attributes such as volume, color, contrast, and font size.

In addition, the information center and the publications for the product are in an accessible format.

To enable assistive technology support in the installer, specify the console option at the end of the setup command. For example, to enable assistive technology on AIX or Linux computers, enter:

./setup -console

Keyboard navigation

This product uses standard Microsoft Windows navigation keys.

  • You cannot use the Workflow tab, the AFP Indexer mode of Ricoh Visual Workbench (which is part of the AFP Support feature), the AFP Editor feature, or the Whitespace Manager feature with the keyboard alone. They require a mouse.

Ricoh ProcessDirector user interface shortcut keys

When the Jobs table on the Main page or a table on the Administration page has focus, you can use these shortcut keys:

User interface shortcut keys

Description Ctrl + key
Select all objects in the table. a

When viewing a job in a workflow, you can use these shortcut keys:

View job in workflow shortcut keys

Description Ctrl + key
Zoom in. +
Zoom out. -
Return to the default zoom level. 0

Ricoh ProcessDirector workflow shortcut keys

On the workflow editor, you can use these shortcut keys:

Workflow shortcut keys

Description Ctrl + key
Save the workflow. s
Undo a previous action, including changes made on a step or connector property notebook. z
Reverse an Undo action, including changes made on a step or connector property notebook. y or Shift + z
Show or hide the Step Templates window. e
Show or hide the Map. m
Zoom in. +
Zoom out. -
Reset the zoom to the default value. 0
Reset the default size and location of the Map window. d

Ricoh ProcessDirector viewer shortcut keys

When the file viewer is displayed, you can use these shortcut keys:

Viewer shortcut keys

Description Alt + key
Go to first tag value 1 (number one)
Go to previous tag value u
Go to next tag value s
Go to last tag value l (small-letter L)
Display first page with selected tag value j
Find string i
Search overlays and page segments o
Find next n
Find previous p
Cancel x
Go to page number Enter
Display first page Home
Display next page Right arrow
Display previous page Left arrow
Display last page End
Rotate clockwise r
Rotate counterclockwise c