Installing from a remote directory

You can use a remote directory to install Ricoh ProcessDirector or a Secondary Server feature without using a DVD. You can use a DVD drive on a different computer to copy the installation programs into the remote directory on your network. The remote directory holds the installers so you can access them from the computers that you want to install Ricoh ProcessDirector on. The remote directory can be located on the computer that you plan to install Ricoh ProcessDirector on.
The remote directory must have enough free space to hold the installers you want to store. We recommend having at least 7 GB of space in the remote directory for each installer. If you have installers for two operating systems in the same staging area, we recommend having at least 14 GB of space in the remote directory.

All the computers that you use in this procedure must be UNIX-based systems. In addition:

  • You cannot store the installers in a remote directory on a Windows computer and then install Ricoh ProcessDirector on a Linux or AIX computer.
  • If the DVD drive is on a third computer that is mounted to the remote directory, that computer must also be a UNIX-based computer.

To install from a remote directory:
  1. If you plan to copy the installation programs from a DVD drive on the same computer as the remote directory, continue with the next step. If you plan to copy the installation programs from a DVD drive that is not on the computer that holds the remote directory, mount the remote directory to the computer with the DVD drive.
  2. Copy the installers to the remote directory:
    1. Log in to the computer that you want to create the remote directory on and open a command prompt.
    2. Create a directory that the files can be copied to, such as /installers. Configure the directory so other computers can mount it. This is the remote directory.
    3. Insert the base product DVD in the drive.
      • If you are using a Red Hat Linux system, the drive might mount automatically. However, drives that are mounted automatically on those systems are set up so that you cannot run programs from the media. You must unmount the drive and mount it again with the exec option before you can continue. You can use this command:
        • mount -t iso9660 -o remount, exec <mount_point>
        You must remount the drive for every CD or DVD that you insert.
    4. Go to the media mount point to view the contents.
      You should see a file named mk_remote.
    5. Type this command to run the script:
      • ./mk_remote -d <directory>
      Substitute the path to the remote directory that you created above for <directory>.
    6. When the script finishes, type cd / and eject the CD or DVD.
    7. When you finish moving all the installers, you can go to the remote directory to verify that the installers have been copied correctly.
  3. Access the installers from the computer that you want to install Ricoh ProcessDirector on:
    1. Log in to the computer that the software will be installed on.
      Note: You must install the base product before you install any Secondary Server features. A Secondary Server feature cannot be installed on the same computer as the base product.
    2. Create a directory to mount to the remote directory. We recommend that you give the directory the same name as the remote directory.
    3. Mount the directory you just created to the remote directory.
    4. Go to the mounted directory.
      You see several files and directories, including a script named setup.
  4. Run the setup script in the mounted directory to start the installer.
    • To install the base product, type: ./setup
    • To install a Secondary Server Feature, type: ./setup IPPDs

      The base product must be installed on the primary computer already.

  5. When the installer starts:
    • If the computer's operating system is Red Hat 6.7 through latest 6.X and its language is Japanese, Simplified Chinese, or Traditional Chinese, choose English on the dropdown language menu. Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese characters do not display properly during a Red Hat 6.7 through latest 6.X installation of Ricoh ProcessDirector.