Ricoh ProcessDirector lets you manage all aspects of your printing processes from a comprehensive Web browser-based user interface. Ricoh ProcessDirector supports job submission from other systems using file copying methods. You can copy or move jobs into directories that you specify (hot folders), and you can configure Ricoh ProcessDirector so that it continually monitors the directories and automatically processes jobs as they arrive. You can also submit jobs from any system that uses the line printer daemon (LPD) protocol for file transmission. In addition, Ricoh ProcessDirector lets you control and track individual documents in PDF jobs.

Ricoh ProcessDirector uses IBM DB2 technology for database management. The extensive database that Ricoh ProcessDirector uses provides detailed audit information about your printing workload and tasks.

You can access Ricoh ProcessDirector from a supported Web browser on workstations in your network. You do not need to install Ricoh ProcessDirector on the workstations that you use to access the user interface; you only need to install Ricoh ProcessDirector on the computer that is managing your workflow.

If you have purchased and installed the AFP Support feature, Ricoh ProcessDirector lets you control and track jobs and individual documents in Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) format. The feature adds support for AFP and PCLOut printers and job submission from z/OS host systems using Download for z/OS and AFP Download Plus.

Important: If you purchased Ricoh ProcessDirector without the AFP Support feature, instructions for download input devices, AFP and PCLOut printers, and other AFP-specific system objects and functions do not apply to your Ricoh ProcessDirector installation.