Running the prerequisite checker

Use the prerequisite checker to verify that your system is ready to install Ricoh ProcessDirector.
  • By default, the prerequisite checker log file is stored in this directory: /opt/infoprint/ippd/logs/installer/prereq.out
To run the prerequisite checker:
  1. Log in to the primary computer as the root user.
    Important: You must log in as a user with UID 0. Do not use sudo or the su command to become the root user.
  2. Open a command line and enter this command to make sure that you are in the root directory:
    • cd /
  3. If you are installing from a product DVD:
    1. Insert the base product DVD in the drive.
    2. To determine the name of the mount point, enter:
      • ls /media
      On some systems, the name of the mount point is the same as the name of the CD or DVD.
      Note: If you are using a Red Hat Linux system, the drive might mount automatically. However, drives that are mounted automatically on those systems are set up so that you cannot run programs from the media. You must unmount the drive and mount it again with the exec option before you can continue. You can use this command:
      • mount -t iso9660 -o remount, exec <mount_point>
      You must remount the drive for every CD or DVD that you insert.
    3. Mount the drive, if necessary. Enter:
      • mount /media/mount_point
    4. Change directories so you can see the contents of the DVD. Enter these commands:
      • cd /media/mount_point
      • ls
      You see several scripts and directories, including a script called setup.
  4. If you are installing from a mounted ISO file:
    1. Create the ISO mounting point. For example, mkdir /isomount.
      Note: The mounting point for the ISO file does not need to be created off the root directory. It can be created anywhere on the system.
    2. Transfer the ISO file to the computer. For example, place the file in the directory /tmp/RPD.iso.
    3. Mount the ISO file using this command:mount -o loop /<location of ISO>/<mounting point>For example: mount -o loop /tmp/RPD.iso /isomount
  5. If you are installing from a remote directory:
    1. Follow the instructions in Installing from a remote directory. Return and complete this procedure after you go to the mounted directory.
  6. To start the prerequisite checker, enter: ./setup -p PREREQ_ONLY=TRUE
    Note: Make sure that you enter the command for the prerequisite checker correctly. If you type the -p flag incorrectly, the installer ignores the flag and runs the full installation program instead of the prerequisite checker.
If your system has all the prerequisites installed, the prerequisite checker exits without a message. If your system does not have all the prerequisites installed, a message is displayed showing the missing prerequisites. Refer to the prerequisite checker logs for more information. By default, the log file is stored in this directory: /opt/infoprint/ippd/logs/installer/prereq.out