Sample script with API calls

This section provides a sample script that uses API calls.
A script needs:
  • To import the utility file described in Remote access basics. It defines the connectLogin and connectLogout proxy objects.

  • A proxy defining the specific server, user, and password for the connectLogin proxy.

  • The Connect API calls you want defined as a result you can print. For example, result = proxy.Document.get(“1”).

A script can include statements that display or process the results and handle any errors or exceptions that might occur. For example:

except xmlrpcFault, err:
    print err.faultString + " (" + str(err.faultCode) + ")" 
    connectLogout(myProxy, "aiw")

The script shown below :

  • Imports a utility file.

  • Creates a job and starts it through the workflow.

  • Displays the information it retrieves about the job and any error or exception messages.

Sample script