Connecting to the InfoPrint 5000 hot folder

To copy files into a hot folder on an InfoPrint 5000, that hot folder must be mounted to the Ricoh ProcessDirector primary server.
You can mount the hot folder using the smbmount command.
  • If either Ricoh ProcessDirector or the InfoPrint 5000 printer is shut down, you need to re-issue the smbmount command.
To issue a smbmount command:
  1. Log in to the primary Ricoh ProcessDirector as root.
  2. Enter this command for Model AS1:
    • >smbmount //printerIPAddress/simplex /mnt -o guest,fmask=777
  3. Enter this command for Model AD1/2:
    • >smbmount //printerIPAddress/duplex /mnt -o guest,fmask=777
  4. To view the enabled hot folders, list the contents of the shared directory:
    • >ls -al /mnt