Comparison Type

Specifies how the contents of a field is used to search for documents. This property is only useful in the legacy user interface. The property search method has been enhanced in the updated user interface to make searching for a range of documents using part of the value of a document property easier.


Equals (default)
This value is recommended.
This value was used in the legacy user interface to allow the user to enter a value or scan a barcode that is used to find documents with a range of values for a document property. For example, documents are assigned a 4-digit insert status code by the inserter. Fatal errors all begin with the number 2. To find only the documents with fatal errors, you could create a barcode format that expects only 1 character to represent the Insert status code, specify that barcode format, and key the number 2 into the barcode search panel. Only documents whose Insert status code starts with a 2 are returned. In the updated user interface, you can use the property search function with the Like or Contains comparison to define the desired range of values.

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