Viewing and changing properties of a job

The properties of a job include a wide variety of information, such as what printer the job is supposed to print on, how big the input file is, whether it is a duplex job, and much more. You can change some of the job properties as needed.
  • To view and change the properties of a job:
    1. In the Jobs table, click the job name you want to work with to open the property notebook.
    2. In the properties notebook, use the tabs to see different properties or click Show all to display all the properties on a single page.
      To see information about any of the properties, click the Image of a button with a question mark on it icon next to the property name.
    3. Make the appropriate changes.
      You can use the Find function in your Web browser to locate the fields you want to change. The browser only searches the tab that is currently displayed. Click Show all tabs to search the fields on all the tabs.
    4. Click OK.
  • To view and change the properties of multiple jobs:
    1. In the Jobs table, select the jobs you want to work with and click Update Multiple.
    2. Select a property you want to change from the list. Then select or type new values for the property.
    3. To update an additional property, click the plus sign to the right of your last entry.
    4. To remove a property update from the list, click the minus sign to the right of the entry you want to delete.
    5. Click OK.