Changing your password

Users defined in the Ricoh ProcessDirector system can change their own passwords to something that they can remember easily.
Make sure you are aware of any password guidelines that your company follows and create a password that meets them.
  • If Ricoh ProcessDirector is configured to use LDAP authentication, you cannot use this procedure to change your password. Follow the established procedure for your company to change your password.
To change your password:
  1. Click the user icon in the top right corner and select Change Password.
  2. Type your new password in the New password and Confirm the new password fields. Passwords are case-sensitive and cannot include these characters: " ' ; < = > \ | ~ ` (Grave accent) or ASCII control characters: x00-x19 and x7F.
    • Your administrator determines the minimum password length and if you must follow any password complexity rules.
  3. Click OK.
The next time you log in, use your new password.