Database property names for input files

Messages about input files might refer to properties by their database names, which begin with InputFile.

Some of the values that you see in drop-down lists in the user interface are not the same as the values that Ricoh ProcessDirector uses internally. When you make some requests using Web services or set values using an overrides file, you must use the internal value. The Internal values column lists the internal values for those properties.

In the Editable column:

  • Yes means that an authorized user can change the value after the input file has been created.
  • No means that an authorized user cannot change the value.

Input file properties

Database name Column heading: Input files table Brief description Internal values Editable
InputFile.JobType Workflow Contains the name of the workflow that the input device assigns to the input file when it submits the file for job processing.   No
InputFile.Location Input file Specifies the path to and the name of the input file.   No
InputFile.Status Status Contains the current status of the input file.
  • Error
  • Processing
  • Queued
  • Waiting
InputFile.SubmitGroup Group Identifies a member of a set of input files that were submitted as a group through a list file.   No
InputFile.SubmitType Submit type Contains the submission type for the input file.
  • AIWList
  • Data
  • List
  • Other
  • Trigger
InputFile.Timestamp Rec'd Contains the date and time when the input file arrived at the input device. Dates and times are stored as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) values in this timestamp format: yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.fffffffff
  • yyyy is the 4-digit year.
  • mm is the 2-digit numerical abbreviation for the month.
  • dd is the 2-digit day.
  • hh is the 2-digit hour.
  • mm is the 2-digit minute.
  • ss is the 2-digit second.
  • fffffffff is the fraction of a second to 9 decimal places and is optional.