Supplied step templates

Ricoh ProcessDirector supplies a set of step templates, which were installed with Ricoh ProcessDirector . The supplied workflows contain steps created from these step templates. You can copy these templates to create customized steps that they can use when they build workflows.

You can add a step created from a step template to any phase of a workflow. The phases provide logical groupings for steps. Some steps go logically in a single phase. For example, the Print phase is a logical choice for the PrintJobs step. Other steps go logically in several phases. For example, to save a copy of a print file before Ricoh ProcessDirector sends it to a transform program for conversion to a different data stream, add a CopyToFolder step to the Prepare phase. Then, to save a copy of the file after it prints, add another CopyToFolder step to the Complete phase. Or to verify that the correct forms are loaded before printing a job, add a ManualStepWithAutoStart step to the Prepare phase. Then, to conduct a print quality check after the job is printed, add another ManualStepWithAutoStart step to the Print phase after the PrintJobs step.