A step that is based on this step template rebuilds the page information needed for accurate repositioning when a partial job is reprinted. When all pages of a job are being printed, this step takes no action.

Job property defaults

  • Duplex: Not set

Usage notes

  • If this step is included in a workflow, the CountPages or EnableRepositioning step should also be included in the workflow. The CreatePageRanges step should come after the CountPages or EnableRepositioning step.
  • If this step is included in a workflow, it should be placed before the PrintJobs step.
  • Messages from this step template are issued in the language in which the Ricoh ProcessDirector base product is installed.
  • When working with large PDF files, the amount of memory must be properly assigned to Ricoh ProcessDirector to function correctly. If the out of memory message is displayed, open the \aiw\aiw1\config\jvmsettings.cfg file and increase the memory amount by changing the value specified. Save the changes and restart Ricoh ProcessDirector .