Verifying feature prerequisites

Before you install a new feature, make sure your system meets the minimum requirements.
  • Hardware requirements:
    • If you install the Ink Savvy feature, the Ink Savvy tool must run on a Windows primary computer or a Windows application server connected to a Linux or AIX primary computer. You can either install the application server on the the same computer as the Ink Savvy tool, or you can use a shared directory to send files to Ink Savvy.
    • If you install the PDF Document Support feature, the Ricoh ProcessDirector Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat must run on a Windows computer. See Ricoh ProcessDirector : Installing Document Processing Features, G550-20312, for hardware requirements.
  • Other hardware requirements:
    • A minimum of 12 GB available RAM is required when you are using one or more document processing features, for example:
      • AFP Support
      • PDF Document Support
      • Archive
      • Automated Verification
      • Inserter
      • Postal Enablement
      • Preference Management

      Depending on the number of documents you process, you might need more RAM or free hard-drive space.

    • The Ricoh ProcessDirector /opt file system:
      • Recommended size: 15 GB free space
      • Minimum size: 10 GB free space
    • The following features have more hardware requirements. These requirements are added to the requirements listed for the primary computer; they do not replace those requirements.
      • Advanced Transform feature
        • Minimum 1 GB more free hard-drive space allocated to the Ricoh ProcessDirector /opt file system
        • Minimum 2 GB more free hard-drive space allocated to the /aiw/aiw1 file system
          • Large jobs sometimes require more RAM to process efficiently.
      • Ink Savvy

        See the InfoPrint Ink Savvy Conventional Printing—Quick Start Guide (available on the Ink Savvy tool CD) for hardware requirements.

      • See Preparing to install Ricoh Transform features for the Ricoh transform features minimum system requirements.
  • Software requirements:
    • PitStop Connect

      Enfocus PitStop Server 10 or higher on the primary computer.

    • Impostrip Connect

      Ultimate Impostrip OnDemand Digital Automation 7 or higher on the primary computer.

      • If your Windows computer runs in a language other than English, do not install Ultimate Impostrip OnDemand Digital Automation in the default install directory. The program does not work properly with non-English default install paths. We recommend installing Ultimate Impostrip OnDemand Digital Automation in C:\ImpostripOnDemand on non-English Windows computers.
    • Designer

      Quadient Inspire V8 or V9.

    • The AFP Support feature includes Ricoh Visual Workbench , which installs a separate user interface on the primary computer. That user interface can be accessed from the primary computer or from the Administration page.

      To access the user interface from the Administration page, click the Administration tab, then select SystemVisual Workbench. Java 1.7 or later must be installed on your client workstation to support the download of the Visual Workbench program to your computer.

    • Avanti Slingshot Connect

      Avanti Slingshot Version 6.2014 or higher on the primary computer.