Usage notes

The Web services provided with Ricoh ProcessDirector follow specific conventions. When you integrate Web services with your application, refer to these usage notes to make sure that your implementation functions properly.

  • You must use the GET /users/login/ Web service to establish a connection and receive a credential token from the Ricoh ProcessDirector server before you can use any other Web services. All of the other Web services require that you include a credential token in the request header of the URI. If you do not, you receive an immediate 401 Unauthorized HTTP error.
  • You cannot translate actions and URIs into other languages because they are fixed-character strings. For example, "token:" remains the same for all languages.
  • Record sets retrieved might change between invocations of any service, especially when you use sorting or filtering functions; successive identical requests might not yield the same records.
  • If you activate Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) support, Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the SSL protocol for all HTTP communications, including Web services. If SSL or TLS support is active, you must use a Web services client that supports SSL or TLS to invoke Web services.
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector Web services only return JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data. XML is not supported.