Data transforms

Data transforms receive print jobs from Ricoh ProcessDirector and transform the data from one data stream to another so that it can be printed.

You can purchase Ricoh ProcessDirector features that are used to transform jobs from one datastream to another. You can also purchase external programs and connect them to Ricoh ProcessDirector .

Products and features that provide data transforms

Product Data streams transformed to AFP Data streams transformed from AFP Other transforms Information
Ricoh Transform features
  • GIF, JPEG, and TIFF
  • PCL
  • PDF and PostScript
  • SAP OTF and ABAP
  • PDF
  Ricoh Transform feature information center
Advanced Transform feature
  • PCL
  • PDF
  • PostScript
  • PCL
  • PDF
  • PostScript
  When you order the Advanced Transform feature, you choose the input data stream and output data stream transforms that you need. Then, you can combine them as needed.

For example, if you choose the InputAFP, InputPS, the OutputPDF, and the OutputPCL transforms, you can convert:

  • AFP to PDF
  • AFP to PCL
  • PostScript to PDF
  • PostScript to PCL

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For more information about these Ricoh Production Print products, see Ricoh Production Print Web site:

For information about using an external step in a workflow to use data transforms, see the Ricoh ProcessDirector information center in the user interface.