Downloading installation files

If you do not have installation discs, use this procedure to download ISO images of them.
To download installation files:
  1. In a web browser, open this page:
  2. Click Software Downloads, enter your Entitlement ID, and click Submit.
  3. Under Product Downloads in this EID, click the title of the base product that you want to download.
    Note: For information about using ISO files to install software, click Working with ISO files on the right side of the Web page.
  4. After each file downloads, validate its MD5 checksum to the value shown on the Web page. Use this command, substituting the name of the file for ProductUpdate.iso:
    • certutil -hashfile ProductUpdate.iso MD5

    If the checksum does not match, download the file again.

  5. If you need to install a Ricoh Transform feature, click the feature and save its ISO file to your computer.
  6. If you need to install the Ink Savvy tool, click the Ink Savvy feature and save its ISO file to your computer.
  7. Use a DVD and CD burning program to burn the base product ISO file onto a blank dual-layer DVD. If you have software that allows you to mount an ISO file, you do not have to burn the images to physical media.
    Note: CD and DVD burning programs can burn files in a variety of formats, including data, video, and audio. Choose the option for burning an ISO image. The options for burning data do not create a DVD or CD that you can use to install the software.
You are now ready to use the installation program to install Ricoh ProcessDirector . If you want to install from a DVD drive on the primary computer, continue with Installing the base product. If you want to copy the installers to a staging location on this computer or somewhere else on your network, continue with Installing from a remote directory.