Logging in for the first time

After you finish the installation process and restart the system, log in to Ricoh ProcessDirector using a Web browser on the primary computer or a workstation in your network.
  1. Start a Web browser.
  2. Enter this URL replacing hostname with the host name of the primary computer: http://hostname:15080/pd
  3. On the login page, type the default administrator user ID aiw and the default password aiw and then click Log in. You are prompted to change the password before you can log in to the user interface. Make note of your new password on the Installation planning checklist.
  4. If the browser page is blank after a full minute, first try to refresh the browser. If you still do not see the login page, you might need to stop and restart the Ricoh ProcessDirector service.
  5. If you see a message that the browser cannot connect to the primary server:
    1. Stop and restart the Ricoh ProcessDirector service. See Starting and stopping the Ricoh ProcessDirector service.
    2. If you still see the message, view the installation logs in the C:\Program Files\Ricoh\ProcessDirector\logs directory.