Installing a Windows Operating System

When you install a Windows operating system, you must choose the correct mode to run in and open the correct ports in the firewall.

Ricoh ProcessDirector can be installed on these operating systems:

  • Windows Server 2016 64-bit
  • Windows Server 2019 64-bit

To install a Windows operating system:

  • See the Windows documentation to install the operating system. When you install the Windows operating system, select 64-bit mode. Ricoh ProcessDirector is not compatible with 32-bit mode.
  • Ricoh ProcessDirector supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. If you use IPv4, IP addresses can be expressed using dotted-decimal addresses or the fully qualified host name. If you use IPv6, you must use the fully qualified host name of the server.
    • If you use an IPv6 address, you must complete additional configuration steps after you install Ricoh ProcessDirector . See Configuring to use IPv6 addresses.
  • In your firewall, open any ports that Ricoh ProcessDirector uses. You must open this port:
    • 15080 for inbound connections on the computer that Ricoh ProcessDirector is installed on. Other computers use this port to connect to the Ricoh ProcessDirector service.

    Depending on your configuration, you might also need these ports:

    Port numbers

    Port number Used by
    515 LPD protocol
    5001–65535 IPDS printers

    Open only the ports that your printers use. They generally fall into this range.

    6001 or alternative AFP Download Plus or Download for z/OS
    6100 DownloadAFP input device

    This port is for the supplied input device. If you copy this input device, open additional ports as needed.

    6102 DownloadLineData input device

    This port is for the supplied input device. If you copy this input device, open additional ports as needed.

    6984–6992 InfoPrint Transform Manager or Ricoh Transform features

    If you want to use InfoPrint Transform Manager or the Ricoh Transform features with Ricoh ProcessDirector , open these ports.

    15081 Ricoh Printer Connector services for Custom PDF printers
    15443 Ricoh ProcessDirector base product when SSL is enabled
    16080 Default port for the Ricoh Transform feature user interface. If you choose to use a different port during the installation process, open that port instead.

The language that Ricoh ProcessDirector runs in depends on the browser that you use to access it. To change the language, you have to change the language of the operating system.