Installing the base product

Before you begin, make sure that you have verified all the prerequisites for your configuration as listed in Planning for installation and Preparing the primary computer for installation.

  • After you verify all the prerequisites, click Cancel to change a previous entry and begin the installation process again. Clicking the Previous button sometimes causes problems.

To install the base product:

  1. Log in as an administrator.
    • You must log in using this account every time you install updates. If you use a specific person's user ID and that person moves to a different department, you might not be able to apply service. As a result, we recommend that you create an administrator account specifically for Ricoh ProcessDirector ,or use an administrator account that is tied to the computer, not to a specific person.

      The administrator user ID cannot contain spaces in the name.

  2. Insert the base product DVD in the drive.
  3. If the autorun feature of Windows is enabled, the installer starts automatically. If the installer does not start, open Windows Explorer and go to the DVD drive.
  4. Double-click setup.exe. The installer starts.
  5. Select the appropriate language for the installer to use and then click OK.
  6. Select to install the base product.

  7. After installing the base product, another installer starts and displays the Introduction window. Follow the instructions in the installer.
  8. Choose a directory to install Ricoh ProcessDirector in. The default installation directory is C:\Program Files\Ricoh\ProcessDirector .
    • You can choose another directory on the C: drive or a directory on another drive. However, you cannot choose a directory with international characters (such as á, É, î, ñ, ô, ß) or double-byte characters anywhere in the directory path.

      If you choose the default directory or another directory (on any drive) with spaces anywhere in the directory path, the installer tries to enable 8dot3 filename generation for the drive. If 8dot3 filename generation is disabled on your system, the installer cancels the installation.

    The Ricoh ProcessDirector documentation assumes that the product is installed in the default directory. If you choose a different installation directory, many directories that are mentioned in the documentation are not correct; you must change the first part of the directory to match the installation directory that you choose.

  9. The installer verifies many of the prerequisites for the system. If it finds any problems, it lists them for you. Click Cancel to close the installer and fix the problems, then start the installer again.
  10. Review and accept the license agreement.
  11. Review the pre-installation summary and click Install to start installing.
  12. If a window appears with a warning about file security, you must click Run to continue the installation.
  13. Click Done to complete the installation.
  14. Choose the option to restart the computer and complete the installation process.
  15. Eject the DVD.
  16. If you see error messages, view the installation logs in the C:\Program Files\Ricoh\ProcessDirector\logs directory and contact Software Support.
  17. If you are installing on a Windows system that is running in French or Brazilian Portuguese, do this step.

    Ricoh ProcessDirector uses the LocalSystem user ID for many database functions. If you install on a Windows system that is running in French or Brazilian Portuguese, the LocalSystem user ID contains international characters. DB2 does not support user IDs that include international characters, so the Ricoh ProcessDirector service cannot start. Ricoh ProcessDirector must be configured to use a different user ID for DB2, such as the administrator user ID that was used for the installation process.

    To configure Ricoh ProcessDirector to use a different user ID for DB2:

    1. Open the file C:\aiw\aiw1\config\System.database.cfg in a text editor. Remove the # sign at the beginning of the last two lines in the file (for userid= and password=) to uncomment the lines.

      Change the userid= line so that the value to the right of the = sign is the username that you used to install Ricoh ProcessDirector . For example, if you installed on a Brazilian Portuguese system using the default account Administrador, change the line to: userid=Administrador

      Note: The userid cannot include international characters.
    2. Open a command prompt. Type: ippdprofile.cmd and press Enter.
    3. Type: java administrator password and press Enter, replacing administrator password with the password of the administrator account used to install Ricoh ProcessDirector .

      This command updates the System.database.cfg file.

    4. If you change the administrator password, you must run these commands again. You must also update the passwords for the following services:

      DB2 - DB2COPY1 - AIWINST-0

      DB2 Remote Command Server

      DB2DAS - DB2DAS00

    5. Start the Ricoh ProcessDirector service.

  18. If you have features to install, follow the instructions in Installing features.
  19. Continue with Logging in for the first time.