Preparing the primary computer for installation

During the installation, the Ricoh ProcessDirector license files are copied to the C:\Program Files\Ricoh\ProcessDirector\base\license directory.

To prepare the primary computer:
  1. Make sure that the planning checklist is complete and the required hardware and software are available and installed. See Planning for installation.
  2. Log in as an administrator.
  3. Verify that DB2 is not already installed on the same computer that Ricoh ProcessDirector is installed on. Ricoh ProcessDirector installs its own version of DB2.
  4. Disable your antivirus software. The DB2 that Ricoh ProcessDirector installs is not supported on a system that has antivirus software running on it.
  5. If your IT department does not let you disable antivirus software, set up exceptions within your antivirus software for these paths:
    • C:\aiw
    • C:\aiw\aiw1\ext_db2 (if you have an older version of the Reports feature installed)
    • C:\AIWINST
    • C:\BCC (if the BCC software is in use by Ricoh ProcessDirector )
    • C:\Program Files\Ricoh\ProcessDirector
    • C:\ProgramData\IBM
  6. Update the domain group policies and domain security policies for Windows to prevent DB2 and Ricoh ProcessDirector from being uninstalled.