Running the prerequisite checker

Use the prerequisite checker to verify that your system is ready to install Ricoh ProcessDirector .
To run the prerequisite checker:
  1. Log in as an administrator.
    • You must log in using this account every time you install updates. If you use a specific user ID and that person moves to a different department, you might not be able to apply service. We recommend that you create an administrator account specifically for Ricoh ProcessDirector . You can also use an administrator account that is tied to the computer, instead of a specific person.
    • The administrator user ID cannot contain spaces in the name.

  2. Insert the base product DVD in the drive.
    If the autorun feature of Windows is enabled, the installer starts automatically. Click Cancel to close the installer.
  3. Open a command prompt and go to the DVD drive.
  4. To start the prerequisite checker, type:
    setup.exe -DPREREQ_ONLY=TRUE
    • Make sure that you enter the command for the prerequisite checker correctly. If you type the -D flag incorrectly, the installer ignores the flag and runs the full installation program instead of the prerequisite checker.
If your system has all the prerequisites installed, the prerequisite checker exits without a message. If your system does not have all the prerequisites installed, a message is displayed showing the missing prerequisites. Refer to the prerequisite checker logs for more information. By default, the log file is stored in this directory: C:\Program Files\Ricoh\ProcessDirector\logs.