Mapping network drives

If you store programs, data, or resources on a computer other than the one where Ricoh ProcessDirector is installed, you must map a directory on that computer as a network drive so that Ricoh ProcessDirector can access it.
  • On each Windows system that connects to the shared directory, you must copy and edit the C:\aiw\aiw1\bin\mountaiwdata_sample.bat file. Make any necessary changes to the file and save it as C:\aiw\aiw1\bin\mountDrives.bat to map the shared directory as a network drive whenever Ricoh ProcessDirector starts.

Ricoh ProcessDirector might need to access these things on a mapped network drive:

  • The Folder location and Staging location for Hot folder input devices
  • External programs
  • Print resources: for example, fonts and form definitions
  • Files used by the Inserter features

    • To access the file system of an inserter controller, you must set up the shared drive from the inserter controller rather than from the primary computer. See the Inserter feature information center for details.

To map a network drive:
  1. Go to the C:\aiw\aiw1\bin directory on your primary server.
  2. Find the mountaiwdata_sample.bat file and make a copy of it.
  3. Rename the copy of the file to: mountDrives.bat
  4. Open the mountDrives.bat file in a text editor.
  5. Add a line like this:
    net use drive: \\hostname\sharename password /user:hostname\Administrator /persistent:yes
    The letter that you want to assign to the drive.
    The host name or IP address of the remote computer.
    The name of the shared folder.
    The password that you need to access the shared folder.
    The drive should be mapped whenever the Ricoh ProcessDirector system user logs on; that is, whenever Ricoh ProcessDirector starts.
  6. Save the file and exit.
The mountDrives.bat file is called to map network drives whenever Ricoh ProcessDirector starts.