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The Programs listed below are licensed under the following terms and conditions in addition to those of the applicable license agreement. This document is part of the Documentation and Confirmation of Permitted Usage under the Ricoh Software License Agreement. 


Program Name: InfoPrint XT for AIX and Windows

Program Number: 5765-XTA

Authorization for Use on Home/Portable Computer: You may not copy and use this Program on another computer without paying additional license fees.

Limited Use Rights for Other Ricoh Programs

If You acquired this Program as part of another Ricoh Program ("Principal Program that lists this Program under "Other Ricoh Programs," You received this Program only in support of the Principal Program and Your rights to use this Program will be limited by the license of the Principal Program. Please contact Your Ricoh Sales Representative if You wish to acquire a separate license to this Program not limited by the Principal Program's license terms.

Specified Operating Environment

The Program's specifications and specified operating environment information may be found in documentation accompanying the Program, if available, such as a read-me file, or other information published by Ricoh, such as an announcement letter. You agree that such documentation and other Program content may be supplied only in the English language.