Sharing Dashboards

You can share your dashboards with other users. In the list of dashboards, shared dashboards are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • This function is only available with the Self-Service feature. If you want to purchase this feature, contact your Ricoh representative.
  • No email notifications are sent when you share a dashboard.

    Dashboard recipients can see the dashboards that were shared with them in the Dashboards list, marked with an asterisk (*), but do not receive email notifications.

To share a dashboard:
  1. Click Dashboards tab, the Dashboards tab.
  2. Select the dashboard that you want to share in the Dashboards list.
  3. Click Options button, the Options button, on the dashboard heading and select Share.
    Dashboards tab - Dashboard options
  4. Specify the required settings in the Share dialog box:
    Share dialog box
    1. Enter email addresses or groups of users to set the dashboard recipients.
      You can select Everyone to share the dashboard with all the users and user groups.

      The contact information of the users you add is listed in the center of the dialog box.

    2. To specify how the recipients can interact with the shared dashboard, select an option from the menu available next to each user or group:
      • Can View: The recipients can view the dashboard but they cannot modify it.
      • Can Design: The recipients can view and modify the dashboard.

        The changes that they make in the dashboard do not affect your copy of the dashboard. These changes are automatically performed on a separate copy of the dashboard to which only they have access. Dashboard recipients can revert to your latest shared copy at any time by clicking Options button, the Options button, on the dashboard heading and selecting Restore Dashboard.

      You can also transfer dashboard ownership to an authorized user by selecting Make Owner.
    3. Click Save.
When an owner modifies a dashboard, the dashboard is not automatically updated for recipients. The owner of the dashboard must republish the updated dashboard and the dashboard recipients must refresh their dashboard before any of the changes are applied. For more information, see Republishing Dashboards.