Downloading and Installing RICOH Supervisor Data Collector with Command Line

To start monitoring and gathering data from your printers, you must first install the RICOH Supervisor Data Collector application. If a data collector is not available, the Welcome to RICOH Supervisor page is displayed.
You can download and install RICOH Supervisor Data Collector using the command line installation:
  1. On the Welcome to RICOH Supervisor page, click Download Data Collector in the section that corresponds to your operating system.
    Welcome to RICOH Supervisor page
    Note: Make sure that your system meets all the listed requirements.
  2. Save the installation file to your computer.
    The procedure for saving the file depends on the web browser.
  3. Open a command prompt.
  4. Launch the installer as an administrator on a Windows system or as root on a Linux system, using the command line option:
    INSTALLER -i silent -DC_REGION={USA|Europe} [{-DC_NO_PROXY={true|false} | -DC_PROXY_ADDR=<proxyAddress> -DC_PROXY_PORT=<proxyPort> -DC_PROXY_USER=<proxyUser> -DC_PROXY_PWD=<proxyPassword>}] [-DC_SERVER_PORT=<serverPort>] [-DC_DB_PORT=<dbPort>] [-DC_RESTART_SYSTEM={true|false}] [-DUSER_SHORTCUTS=<userShortcuts>]

    Command Line Options

    Command Line Options Mandatory Optional Details Values Default Values
    -DC_REGION Yes No Available regions USA/Europe N/A
    -DC_PROXY_ADDR No Yes Proxy server N/A System proxy settings
    -DC_PROXY_PORT No Yes Proxy port N/A System proxy settings
    -DC_PROXY_USER No Yes Proxy username N/A N/A
    -DC_PROXY_PWD No Yes Proxy password N/A N/A
    -DC_NO_PROXY No Yes Use/do not use proxy true/false System proxy settings (Windows)
    -DC_SERVER_PORT No Yes Web server port N/A 19280
    -DC_DB_PORT No Yes Database server port N/A 19293
    -DUSER_SHORTCUTS No Yes Shortcuts location N/A

    Desktop (Windows)

    Home directory (Linux)

    -DC_RESTART_SYSTEM No Yes Restart system after installation true/false false
    Note: The commands do not prompt for input when run from the command line.
    Note: After the command line installation, it takes approximately 2 minutes for RICOH Supervisor Data Collector to become functional.
    Note: If you use the sudo command when launching the installer on a Linux system, the proxy settings (if not specified) will default to the system proxy settings only if the -E option is specified:
    sudo INSTALLER -E -i silent -DC_REGION={USA|Europe} [{-DC_NO_PROXY={true|false} | -DC_PROXY_ADDR=<proxyAddress> -DC_PROXY_PORT=<proxyPort> -DC_PROXY_USER=<proxyUser> -DC_PROXY_PWD=<proxyPassword>}] [-DC_SERVER_PORT=<serverPort>] [-DC_DB_PORT=<dbPort>] [-DC_RESTART_SYSTEM={true|false}] [-DUSER_SHORTCUTS=<userShortcuts>]