Viewing Printer Information

The printer cards provide information about each monitored printer.
To view printer information:
  1. Click Real Time Display tab, the Real Time Display tab.
    Real Time Display tab
  2. Under Printer Groups, click All printers or a specific printer group name.
    The printers included in the group are displayed as individual cards.
  3. Look at the information displayed on the printer cards.
    This information is available:
    Printer name
    The name of the printer.
    Printer status
    When the printer is connected and transferring data, the printer card shows the printer status. For more information on status messages, see Printer Status.
    Connection status
    When there is no data transfer from a printer, the printer card is inactive and shows the connection status instead of the printer status. For more information on the connection status, click Information icon, the information icon.
    Name of the current job
    This information is displayed only when the printer status is Printing.
    Data collecting period
    For more information on setting the data collecting period, see Customizing Printer Cards.
    Monitored data metrics
    For more information on setting the data metrics, see Customizing Printer Cards.
    Note: You can filter the printers in a group by name. Enter a printer name or part of a printer name in the Search printers text box.