Creating a Layout for Booklets Using the Origami Function

This example shows how to create a layout for a set of two 5.5" x 8.5" booklets on 17" x 11" paper using the Origami function. Since the same booklet is printed twice, printing time and costs are reduced.
To create the layout:
  1. On the Advanced Imposition screen, click Configuration button, the Configuration button, and select Layout Editor.
    The Layout Editor screen opens.
  2. Configure the basic layout settings in the Template Setup dialog box.
    Template Setup
    1. For Unit System, select Imperial.
    2. For Signature type, select Sheetwise Turn.
    3. For Binding side, select Left side.
    4. For Trim Page Size, select Custom.
      Enter 5.5" for the width of the page and 8.5" for the height.
    5. For Paper/Plate Size, select Custom.
      Enter 17" for the width of the paper and 11" for the height.
    6. For Page Orientation, select landscape orientation.
    7. Enter 2 in the Rows per Side and Columns per Side fields.
    8. For Plates per Signature, select Double sided.
    9. Click OK.
  3. Click Origami, the Origami button.
    Open Origami screen
  4. Click Cut, the Cut button.
  5. Select the vertical fold line, then hold the Shift key and click.
    The sheet is cut in two.
    Cutting the sheet
  6. Click Fold, the Fold button.
  7. Select the horizontal fold line on the left half of the sheet, move the cursor over the top section, then hold the Shift key and click.
    The top section folds under the bottom section.
    Folding the left half of the sheet
  8. Repeat the previous step for the right half of the sheet.
    The sheet is now separated into two equal sections, each folded in half.
    Folding the right half of the sheet
  9. To save your settings and return to the main Layout Editor screen, click OK.
    The page sequence and orientation are applied to the layout.
    Resulting layout
  10. Click Save.